We did the Cannes thang... Versace Threw Up on Nantucket Chased by Stalkarazzi (When will the French put a leash on their Papparazzi? Never?)

Critique the trash out there, lavish praise upon the directors, and their credits, but come back -- because it is time your unmakeable screenplay got made... Witness that "Witness" was rejected for 13 years. The script for "Arthur" was rejected a gazillion times. The guy finally had to make it himself; then he croaked. And Dudley Moore got popped for domestic violence and died of a brain tumor. Is this writing life entertaining or what?
Happy New Year Y2K7,  at least you're amusing!

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Sundance is "Over"? Just because Bob and company will even send you a Sundance coaster? They used to be good... back in 1998. Here's some archival Live Daily reporting to prove our point. Consider this the Obit for Sundance. Capitalism is King in Park City. Merchandise is The News. Bob's Vision is Dead as far as an Artist is concerned; unless they are making throw rugs, not movies. Click At-Large...

We would like to report a major creative surge due to sunspots. So there it is. Start writing.

{Farewell to writer Paul Jarrico}
2007 was the
the 60th Anniversary

of the Hollywood Blacklist
and we don't ever want to go there again -- naming names.
Let's just write the hits and take our knocks. And thank
those who came before the Senate committee years ago;
thank those who had the nerve to stand up for screenwriters
and spent a year in prison for what they believed in.
We can't give them back that year, but
we can honor
them by not writing trash; by filling the screen with gems.

(Rent the Burt Lancaster-narrated documentary on the Blacklist. Is there any actor cooler than the Late Swimmer Burt Lancaster... non! Rent ATLANTIC CITY to preserve his legacy... even if you have to do NETFLIX (the red envelope idiots of the soon-to-be-failed Business Model. Hello Downloading!)
"'Hel-LA,' that's why we love it." --
Anonymous Unproduced Screenwriter With Great Ass.