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IBJoshingU@aol.com is kind of a weirdly ironic handle for a serious director, but, let's have some faith folks: IBJoshingU is
"looking for a fast funny dark 20 something murder movie, NOT LIKE SCREAM, NOT LIKE HACKERS, but a tad odd and nasty HEATHERS meets SHALLOW GRAVE on steroids, can u help?"

Your Mother says: Don't send that thing tired old you wrote five years ago! Write something NOW.

Screenbuzz@aol.com, someone we know personally but often claim to have never met, is looking for advice/equipment to further a bizarre monomania regarding the making of a digital-to-film full-length non-fiction feature (Screenbuzz has a personal issue with the word "documentary", but, you get the picture). It is to be shot this summer. Anybody who can provide any of the above; and deal with a zealot who extracts genius from crews like puss from a boil (a lot of pressure and pain) THEN WOW, GO AHEAD AND CONTACT THEM
(ask for money, ask for credit, ask for anything unreasonable... this person is
Desperately Seeking a Crew)
We have
a self-titled directorslashactor, sgcer@storm.ca, who, uhm, has this catchy quote to post: "let me see what you've got... no corny lines."

We detect serious cob in this pearly one-liner, though, we don't want to be mowed down with an AK, so hey.

JenniceM@aol.com and cepickett@aol.com say they are "readers": JenniceM is burned out on Grisham (emphasis on "sham") style scripts; cepickett is not way fried on anything yet -- although, if any script sucks, hey, it's toast anyway.

If you contact them to read your script; tell us how they are.

AHoffer@primenet.com wants to sell you something, we've checked him out (he's the real deal):

Avid Media Composer 4000; plus film composer option; complete Nubus system,AVR 1-27; 36 GB RMAG storage, extra cabling

Asking $40K (zoiks! But, like we said, he's legit. Ask him if he'll considering rental arrangements, who knows?) good deal w/current Avid PCI upgrade offer or as offline system. Optional: Sony Betacam SP PVW-2600; Sony V0-9800 3/4" vtr; Sony VO-9850 3/4" vtr; workstation furniture

[tel. 310-840-5554 fax 310-734-1675]

luciana@@web021.farm.aol.com we're working on your question, more soon.
md910896@oak.cats.ohiou.edu has way teeny tiny money to pay for a short screenplay
{give the kid a break, college student who'll make your short}

dd@danyd.demon.co.uk is producer/director (features), who says:
"I have just finished a screenplay charting the lives of
five people from 1976 to 1996; the screenplay is both funny and
emotional and is relevant to the thirtysomething generation."

The Title of the screenplay is _______.
[email him; the title is so great we don't want to give it away]

mhall@pcs.cnu.edu is an actor who has been "1st place winner TV Sitcom, and TV Commercial 1996 Millie Lewis American Modeling and Talent Convention"
-- We don't know what this is, but it sounds kitschy.
gmoleski@earthlink.net  is a "writer-director who would like to get some feedback on my recently completed draft."

Firestone8@aol has been a reader for "WMA, Zoetrope, others" of "sci-fi, Noir, period, Mystery, horror" but burnt out on action adventure

epichaya@bestweb.net  --  glad we could hook you up with an agent...
TamCat3, screenwriter, we're working on your question... think we answered it.

, award-winning painter, based in Oklahoma, looking to interest art directors/directors.
HollyFANG@aol.com (an actor) to Screenmancer... looking to act in your movie   

Roles: Creative Criminal. [Mark Bowers a/k/a: HollyFang@aol.com]


Screenmancer to Roxstar1... hope we helped.

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