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Note: this letter came in with variable font sizes. Hey, it did!

From: (Edward)

Just a question... who designs the web site? All

this variable font size crap is overload. Don't try to be hip.

And give more space to that Ebner guy. He's the best part of your web


(Alex Stein) thought Eb's Austin column was, well, off the mark. And up the ying-yang:

Date: 97-12-03 01:04:33 EST
From: (Stein, Alex)
To: Mark Ebner


Do you think you could write just ONE sentence without the words "Chris" or "McQuarrie" contained within? Do you honestly expect any of us to be surprised when the articles on next year's Austin Film Festival are rife with innuendo and outright speculation of some sort of illicit affair between sometime journalist Mark Ebner and screenwriter Chris McQuarrie, a relationship that is designed to serve both careers simultaneously?

Homoerotic tendencies aside, you might want to consider that some of us could care less about Chris McQuarrie, and we are pretty sure there were some other people at the film festival, even if you managed SOMEHOW to miss them all.


A fan

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