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Mary Kay Place

"It’s a gift; an odd quirk of fate when [roles] do come,
because as you know, there are many actors highly qualified
out there in the universe. It’s an odd thing when one of them
comes that you feel connected with in a special way."

"The script is sort of always the bottom line, basically.
There are a lot of scripts that come that don’t particularly
interest one. Sometimes one has do something because
one has to pay the rent."

"I had jobs like ‘cleric typist’ [for Tim Conway]
early in my career when I just graduated from college.
I wanted to work in the business and study acting at the
same time. Learn whatever I could, all aspects. I learned
a lot about writing and directing and acting."

"The phase that ended with ‘The Big Chill’, I was just
burnt out. I was totally fried. The next decade I would say
I had some consciousness-raising to do. It was about ‘what is the
rest of my life going to be like?’"

"I always have been interested in the quality
of the writing, not that everything I have ever done
has been beautifully written… What really matters
is [not budget], the writing: what is this writing about?
What is this thing about? Is it about anything?"

"The style of the writing dictates the style of the acting for me.
If it’s theater, that’s a different story – but if it’s TV or film,
the style of the writing dictates the acting."
(Out-takes from an interview) Copyright Q. Johnson


There is a revolution happening, one script at a time.
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