A nod to Jerry Maguire writer/director Cameron Crowe's memo idea...

what's the point of having a mission in life
without having a mission statement
to go along with it?

Here goes:

Screen-mancer n def: /screen + mantis/
1. screenmancer, one who is fond of
screen magic (see: movies, films, scripts);
2. enterprising individual who seeks out
new talent on the net, especially through

Screen-mance vb def: /screen +mantis/ (combination of "screen" and "mantis",
diviner, prophet)

1. a gerund, meaning: to search
for new talent on the net; to hook up
with other individuals of like mind.

“There’s a revolution happening… one script at a time.”


The online entity www.Screenmancer.com since 1997, and incorporated in spring 1999, is an original web creation designed as “a gathering place for the people who make movies” by screenwriter Quendrith Johnson. www.Screenmancer.tv is the front page of the site. In sum, the site facilitates contact and communication between parties interested in making movies; including, but not limited to: writers, actors, directors, producers, agents, and executives.

Much of the service is gratis; however, a revenue stream is anticipated through installation of virtual offices via a virtual “Screenmancer Lot” (its final form is underconstruction now), which, for a nominal fee of twenty-five dollars (US$25)
will provide an "office" presence and personalized meeting space (based in cyber-LA) for the above mentioned parties involved in filmmaking.

Additional features of the site include interviews, news, analysis and visual items of interest to those in, and outside, the entertainment business.

One of the current high-traffic features is “Screentalk,” a forum for discussion and ideas movie-related, conceived by Robinson (Robin) Rea. Origination of this idea, as well as the shape of its development and future stewardship, is hereby acknowledged and appreciated.


Not a creation of Big Media, Screenmancer is made up of individuals and investor partners who hold equity positions within the corporation. (For additional information, ask here.)


Robin Rea -- ScreenTalk Producer
Perry Randall -- President, SCREENMANCER US
Mark Ebner -- Producer, 1997 - 2010 At-Large
John P. Mello, Jr -- Consulting Producer
Andy Comins -- Unit Stills, Photographer
Jory Weitz -- Casting Director

Executive Producer & Founder Quendrith Johnson


The ultimate “high-end” goal of www.Screenmancer.com is to be
the premiere gathering place for movie people
on the internet; also to gain a presence in the field of entertainment-related publishing
(Screenmancer Titles TBA, also ScreenTalk Titles);
and to gain a marketshare as the dominant and branded
“virtual movie studio,”
including brand-name offices
(such as the virtual “Writer’s Building”).
We seek to gain high-profile recognition
as an online representative of intellectual property
(screenplays, films for distribution);
and, finally, to amass funds
through the online revenue stream
that will be used to fund creative projects
(i.e.; production of movies, shorts, filmed entertainment).